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Fun Water Slides For Summer

It may not be sweltering hot where you are right now, but it’ll get that way sooner or later. And when it does, the kids are going to want to play in the water. Getting wet and splashing around is a great way to keep cool and have a lot of fun. Continue reading

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Magna-Tiles Building Sets

Magna-Tiles are just exactly what they sound like: they’re little tiles in various shapes and colors that have magnets in them so they stick together. Kids can have a blast spreading the tiles out and arranging them to make their own little structures. Continue reading

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Toy Organizers

There is a remedy to the chaos of having your children’s toys all over the house. You just need to set up a little organization for your children’s toys. Continue reading

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Cuddly Plush Bunny Rabbits

Do you want a plush bunny? You know you do. They’re way too cute to resist. These little guys make the perfect pets for your kids (or you). Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Stuffed Toys For Kids

Kids love Valentine’s Day. They get to exchange cute little cards with their friends. Maybe they get some candy. And, if they’re lucky, they’ll get a cute stuffed friend from someone who loves them. Continue reading

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Monster High Dolls

The Monster High Dolls can be a lot of fun for kids. The dolls are the teen age offspring of all the famous monsters: boogie man, werewolf, ghoul, etc. They’re all girls and they’re all friends. Continue reading

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FurReal Friends

The FurReal Friends are more than just cute little stuffed toys. They move and play with a child just like a real pet would. Continue reading

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Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale RV Vehicle

This cute RV was inspired by the movie Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale. And this is one deluxe RV. Continue reading

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Magic Sets

Magic tricks will delight your kids and learning to do those tricks will really get them thinking. They might even put their imaginations to work and design some tricks of their own. Continue reading

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Hot Wheels Cars Maker

The Hot Wheels Cars Maker allows kids to make their own toy cars. You put a stick of colored wax into the machine and turn it on. Lights flash and beepers beep and in a few minutes, out pops a new little car. Continue reading

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