HearthSong Buddy Bumper Ball

HearthSong Buddy Bumper Ball

This toy is as simple as it looks. You put a kid in the middle, blow it up and let him or her run around bouncing off of furniture, tree trunks, the ground. If you get two of them, the kids can bounce off of each other.

With one of these, a kid gets a sense of what it’s like to be a rubber ball. They can intentionally fall over and actually bounce a little bit. They can knock each other over and bounce all around the yard.

These balls give kids a chance to just go crazy and be as active as they want to be without you having to worry so much about them getting hurt.

The kids will have a blast, they’ll get lots of exercise and you’ll have fun watching them.

The HearthSong Buddy Bumper Ball is about 35 inches in diameter when fully inflated and is suitable for kids who are six or more years old.

HearthSong Buddy Bumper Ball With Lights

HearthSong Buddy Bumper Ball With Lights

This is the same as the one above except that it has little LED lights in it that are motion activated. The more the kids slam into things, the more the lights will twinkle. This would be a lot of fun in the back yard in the evening.

Here are a few other, similar toys that you might like in addition to or instead of the ones above. They come in different colors and are different sizes in case you want one that’s really big to bounce around.

HearthSong 52HearthSong 52″ Inflatable BallHearthSong Incred-a-Ball - 65HearthSong Incred-a-Ball – 65″ Inflatable Ball

You can learn a few things watching these kids pay with their Bumper Balls.

  1. If you’re losing the battle, draw your arms and legs in like a turtle and stay still.
  2. If you fall over on your back, you’re pretty much stuck (like a turtle).
  3. Giggling makes it twice as much fun

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  1. Aysha says:

    Looks like such a fun toy kids would enjoy out in the backyard

  2. Susan says:

    Oh How funny, these buddy bumper balls would be hysterical and I bet so fun.

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