Magna-Tiles Building Sets

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

Magna-Tiles are just exactly what they sound like: they’re little tiles in various shapes and colors that have magnets in them so they stick together. Kids can have a blast spreading the tiles out and arranging them to make their own stained glass windows or even 3D constructs like little houses or rocket ships or dogs. The only limit is the imagination.

The set to the left has 100 pieces for your kids to play with. These tiles are colored but translucent. They’d be great for making stained glass windows or mosaics. If you want a set that has pieces that are not translucent, scroll down. There’s a set like that below the video.

Here are a few pictures of other things your kids can make with these tiles:

Here’s a video that shows you how to make a dog out of Magna-Tiles:

There are several more tutorials here: Magna-Tiles Video Tutorials

Magna-Tiles Solid Colors 100 Piece Set

This set has solid tiles that you can’t see through. They would be great for making little houses or towers or castles. This set also has 100 pieces.

If you have a really imaginative child, he or she might like to have both sets, the one with translucent tiles and the one with solid tiles. The tiles are the same sizes in both sets so they can be intermixed. You could build a house with solid walls but clear windows.

If you don’t want a big set with 100 pieces, there are smaller sets too. You might start with one of these smaller sets and if your child really likes it, then get the bigger set later. Or if you already have a bigger set and you feel like you’d like to have a few extra pieces, you can get them right here.

Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 48 Piece DX SetMagna-Tiles® Solid Colors 48 Piece DX SetMagna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32 Piece SetMagna-Tiles® Solid Colors 32 Piece Set

Magnetic Stick N Stack 36 full color page Idea book with over 100 structure ideas

This book provides 100 ideas about what you can make with Magna-Tiles. It clearly shows how to make all kinds of different things. With this book and a set of these tiles, your child will never run out of stuff to make.


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