Fun Water Slides For Summer

Inflatable Double Water Slide with Splash Pool

It may not be sweltering hot where you are right now, but it’ll get that way sooner or later. And when it does, the kids are going to want to play in the water. Getting wet and splashing around is a great way to keep cool and have a lot of fun.

Sure, you could just let them play with the hose. They’ll get bored with that in about 2.3 seconds. A water slide, on the other hand, will keep them laughing and running around and having a blast for a whole afternoon.

All you’ve got to do it blow one of these things up, hook up the hose to it and watch your kids have a great time.

The water slide pictured above is 8 1/2 feet high and a full 20 feet long. Also, it’s got a little splash pool at the bottom so the kids can just sit and splash around a bit if they want to. It sets up easily and quickly. It’ll actually inflate in about a minute. It’s a heavy duty item too. It’s made to take any beating your kids can give it. It’s made of puncture proof material and it’s double and, in places, quadruple stitched. It’s a quality item.

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Magna-Tiles Building Sets

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

Magna-Tiles are just exactly what they sound like: they’re little tiles in various shapes and colors that have magnets in them so they stick together. Kids can have a blast spreading the tiles out and arranging them to make their own stained glass windows or even 3D constructs like little houses or rocket ships or dogs. The only limit is the imagination.

The set to the left has 100 pieces for your kids to play with. These tiles are colored but translucent. They’d be great for making stained glass windows or mosaics. If you want a set that has pieces that are not translucent, scroll down. There’s a set like that below the video.

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Toy Organizers

KidKraft Austin Toy Box

Is there a stuffed crocodile on the TV? A small, robotic puppy in your favorite chair? Toy soldiers on the couch? Legos scattered across the floor? (Ouch! You know that’s going to hurt when you step on one barefoot, in the dark, at two in the morning.) There is a remedy to all of this chaos. You just need to set up a little organization for your children’s toys.

There a several different ways to go about this. You can get a toy chest like the one to the left. You can get some cabinets or shelves with little, colored bins like the ones below. You can even get toy organizers that hang on the wall.

Regardless of the type of toy organizer you choose, there are some wonderful benefits to getting your children’s toys organized. Your home will look neater. Your kids will learn valuable lessons about being responsible for their own things when you have them pick up their toys and put them away in their new organizers. You’ll be able to sit down on the couch without first checking to make sure that there’s no toy soldier with a tiny bayonet aimed at your posterior. And you’ll be able to walk safely around your home with no shoes on.

The toy chest above is made of wood. It’s 30 inches long and about 19 inches high. It comes in eight different colors including pink and blue and wood tones. It’ll hold quite a few toys. Also, it doubles as a bench for your kids when the lid is closed.

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Cuddly Plush Bunny Rabbits

Melissa & Doug Princess Soft Toys 14″ Plush Bunny

Do you want a plush bunny? You know you do. They’re way too cute to resist.

These little guys make the perfect pets for your kids (or you). You don’t have to feed them. You don’t have to clean up after them. And, most important, they don’t multiply.

Here are some plush bunny rabbits for you to consider. Whether you want puppet bunnies, pillow bunnies or just regular plush bunnies, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on plush bunnies that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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Valentine’s Day Stuffed Toys For Kids

Smitten Teddy Bear Plush Toy

Kids love Valentine’s Day. They get to exchange cute little cards with their friends. Maybe they get some candy. And, if they’re lucky, they’ll get a cute stuffed friend from someone who loves them.

An adorable Valentine’s themed stuffed animal can be a favorite of any child. They’re cute. They’re fun to snuggle with and sleep with and they will be a constant reminder of the loved one who gave them their new favorite toy.

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Monster High Dolls

Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll

The Monster High Dolls can be a lot of fun for kids. The dolls are the teen age offspring of all the famous monsters: boogie man, werewolf, ghoul, etc. They’re all girls and they’re all friends. And since they’re all monsters, they go to school at Monster High.

None of these girls is what you’d call normal and they teach kids that that’s ok. You can have a tail or be blue or be different in some way and still be a great kid.

The doll to the left is Twyla. She’s the daughter of the boogie man and she likes to take away other kids’ bad dreams in her spare time. She comes with a pet bunny, a diary and a brush for her pretty, long hair.

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FurReal Friends

FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy

The FurReal Friends are more than just cute little stuffed toys. They move and play with a child just like a real pet would. A kid can have all the fun of having a pet without you having to feed it, water it, walk it, etc.

The kitty pictured to the left is named Daisy. She can wiggle, pounce and jump. She meows and purrs when you show her affection. She can even purr little songs. She even comes with her own toy which she and your kids will love playing with.

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Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale RV Vehicle

Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale RV Vehicle

This cute RV was inspired by the movie Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale. And this is one deluxe RV. It has seating for four dolls. It’s got a hot tub and a fire pit and it comes with plates, cups and toy food. The dolls (and kids) who get to enjoy this thing are really luck.

Another fun feature on this RV is that it can be split apart into a smaller vehicle which the dolls can use whenever driving a big RV is too much trouble.

This Barbie RV set is great for kids who are three years old and older.

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Magic Sets

Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase
with Instructional DVD

Magic tricks will delight your kids and learning to do those tricks will really get them thinking. They might even put their imaginations to work and design some tricks of their own. They’ll have loads of fun dressing up in a top hat and cape and putting on shows for their friends and for you.

The set to the left includes over 100 tricks and loads of props. The whole thing comes in a convenient suitcase. It includes a DVD with all of the instructions on it. It’s great for kids who are eight years old and older.

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Hot Wheels Cars Maker

Hot Wheels Cars Maker

This cool toy allows kids to make their own toy cars. You put a stick of colored wax into the machine and turn it on. Lights flash and beepers beep and in a few minutes, out pops a new little car. Kids can then decorate it with stickers featuring racing stripes and car numbers. After that they can play with them just like regular Hot Wheels cars.

Toy cars have been a classic for ages. Kids love playing with them. The Hot Wheels Cars Maker takes playing with little cars to a whole new level. Kids get to enjoy making the cars as well as playing with them. Continue reading

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