Lincoln Logs Sets

Lincoln Logs Redwood Junction

Lincoln Logs have been around for almost a century and they’ve been delighting kids for that entire time. They can stir a child’s imagination as he or she builds a little building or a fence to go around it. It makes kids think and lets them have fun while they’re doing it. Kids have a great time building up their little buildings and then knocking them down and building them again.

The set above makes a little train station complete with the track, train and little people. The set has 235 pieces and comes with instructions. It’s great for kids three years old and older.

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Cool Lego Sets

LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser

Legos stir the imagination. They help kids learn coordination and improve their thought processes. It takes a fair amount of thinking, coordination and imagination to put together anything with Legos.

The Lego sets include everything your child will need to put together a specific thing. That thing might be a boat or a space ship. Anything you’ve seen out in the world probably has a Lego version of it.

The set above makes a yacht. It’s a nice one too. It’s got a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, a water slide, a snack bar and a lot more. It comes with the little dolls you see in the picture and several more including a couple of dolphins. When all put together, the thing is seven inches wide and 14 inches long.

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A Toy Piano For The Kids To Learn To Play

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Toy Piano

Do you have a kid who loves music? He or she might really enjoy learning to play their very own little piano. Any of the pianos on this page would be great for a kid who’s just starting out. They’re all child sized so they aren’t too big like a full-sized piano would be. They have shortened keyboards that have around two octaves. That’s not so great if you’re planning to sit down and play a masterpiece on the first try, but it’s just right if you want to lean to play a few simple tunes and maybe some more involved songs later.

The piano above has 25 keys, lots of bright colors on it and it comes with a little song book.

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Razor Scooter – Kick Style & Electric

Razor A3 Kick Scooter – Green

Razor Scooters have been popular among kids for awhile now. They look cool and they’re fun to ride. Kids can enjoy the rush of going fast and feeling the wind in their hair.

They’re good exercise too (at least the kind you push with your feet is good exercise). Your kids can certainly build some muscle pushing one around and they’ll love every second while they’re doing it.

Even the electric scooters provide a bit of exercise. You have to at least stand up (in most cases) to use one. And they can be a good form of transportation for a kid who wants to go to the park or the library. As long as they’re not going very far, an electric Razor Scooter could get them their easily.

The scooter above is the manual sort. No motor. The one pictured is green, but it comes in several colors. You can just click on the picture to see the others.

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Easel For Kids

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

Do you have a young budding artist in the family? A child-sized easel is great for a youngster. They can draw and paint. They’ll have loads of fun doing it and if they really like it, they might get pretty good at it. You never know, you might have a young Rembrandt in your midst and not even realize it.

The easel to the left has a dry erase board on one side and a chalk board on the other. It has a place for a roll of paper right in the middle. The paper goes up through the center and then can be clipped to either side. It has little trays on either side to hold paints and brushes or Crayons and chalk and it comes with the four clips at the top that hold the paper in place. Continue reading

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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

The good folks at the Little Tikes company have been making the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe for 30 years. This fun little car has stood the test of time. Some of the parents getting one of these for their kids now no doubt had one themselves when they were kids.

This car has a handle on the back so that grown ups can push their kids in it easily. There’s a removable floor board in it. The floor board can be removed so that kids can propel themselves by paddling their feet or it can be left in place so that little feet stay tucked in and safe. It also has an ignition switch so that kids can pretend to start it up and a gas cap that opens and closes so that they can pretend to put gas in it.

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is made for youngsters who are 18 months to 5 years old or up to 50 pounds.

The one above is the special 30 year car, made to commemorate the fact that Little Tikes has been making them for 30 years.

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Zoomer Robot Dog

Zoomer Robot Dog

Zoomer is the smartest dog you’ll ever meet. He can bark, roll around on his wheelie paws and play with you and your kids.

You can teach him new tricks just like you would teach a real puppy. He can learn to speak, sit, lay down, rollover, shake a paw and other things. When you talk to him, he wags his tail and does whatever trick you tell him to do. And Zoomer doesn’t just follow commands in English. This dog is so smart he’s tri-lingual. He also responds to commands in French and Spanish.

Zoomer is made for kids who are five years old or older. When you purchase, you get Zoomer, a USB cord to keep him charged up and instructions. Continue reading

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Big Hugs Elmo

Big Hugs Elmo

Elmo has been a beloved member of the Sesame Street Gang since I was a little kid (roughly 100 years ago). Kids loved him back then and they still love him now. He’s cute. He’s cuddly. He’s soft and he’s just all around fun to play with.

There are lots of Elmo dolls out there. The one to the left is special because he talks, he sings and most important, he hugs you back when you hug him. When kids put their arms around him and squeeze him, his arms more and he really hugs back.

This Elmo has three different songs that he can play for your kids. He has more than 50 different sounds he can make and phrases he can say. He has four different imagining games he can play with your kids including pretending to be bunnies, horses, frogs and astronauts. Also when it’s time for bed, just lay him down with your kids and he’ll sing them a lullaby and then make soft sounds like he’s asleep himself.

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The Furbies Are Back

Purple Furby

Furbies originally come out in 1998. They were wildly popular for a while and then you didn’t hear much about them any more. But they’re back now! There are new Furbies and they’re more popular than ever.

Furbies are cute, electronic fuzz balls that have a personality of their own. The more you interact with one, the more its personality will change. They truly become a product of how you treat them. So you’ll want to treat yours well.

Furbies react when you speak to them, touch them, feed them and play music for them. They’re hilarious to watch right from the start, but the longer you have one and interact with it, the more it will learn to do and say.

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Kids’ Indoor Trampolines

Diggin Jumpsmart Junior Electronic Trampoline

These little trampolines are great fun for kids. They can bounce until their heart’s content. All of these models are small so they can be set up indoors without taking up too much space. So the kids can play with them in the winter or when it’s raining and not just on sunny days.

They’re great to provide not only entertainment for the kids but also a lot of exercise. All of that bouncing will help keep them fit.

All of the models on this page are designed to be extra safe for young kids. They’ve all got either a bar to hang on to while they’re bouncing or an enclosure around the trampoline so the kids are far less likely to fall off.

The one above has a little built in computer that plays games with the kids while they bounce. It makes sounds as the kids bounce and counts how many times they bounce. There’s a game that it can play with the kids that’s a bit like musical chairs. They’re supposed to bounce while music is playing and stop when the music stops. It’s made for kids who are a year old or older and up to 44 pounds. They’ll have fun, get some exercise and learn to pay attention to the games.

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