The Eco-Bonk Bop Bag

The Eco-Bonk Bop Bag

These fun fellows are the Eco-Bonk Bop Bags. (You have to admit that’s fun to say.) They work like any other bop bags you may have seen. Your kids can hit them, smack them, push them and they’ll fall almost all the way over. Almost. Then they stand right back up. They can be hugged, danced with, wrestled with. Whatever your kids can dish out these guys can take.

The difference between these bop bags and others you’ve seen is that these are made from environmentally friendly materials. The weight at the bottom is rice. The inflatable part is made of vinyl that will degrade in a landfill over time. The cover is made of cotton. And the inks used to print the animal images are water based.

Each of these guys is 36 inches tall and is recommended for kids two years old or older. An Eco-Bonk bop bag will give your kids a new friend, some great exercise and a lesson in taking care of the environment.

There are three different Eco-Bonk Bop Bags. You can get a penguin named Logan, a grizzly bean named Jackson or an elephant named Abigail.

These three are complete sets. They have the printed covers AND the inflatable part that goes on the inside.

Eco-Bonk Complete Toy: King Penguin (Logan) Inflatable Bop BagEco-Bonk Complete Toy: Grizzly Bear (Jackson) Inflatable Bop BagEco-Bonk Complete Toy: Asian Elephant (Abigail) Inflatable Bop Bag

These are just the animal printed covers. If you want all three, you can save yourself a little money by buying one of the complete sets above and then buying just the other two covers. It’s fairly quick and easy to swap one cover for another and then (as far as your child is concerned) they’ve got a whole new toy.

Eco-Bonk Cover Only~Grizzly Bear (Jackson)Eco-Bonk Cover Only~Grizzly Bear (Jackson)Eco-Bonk Cover Only~Asian Elephant (Abigail)Eco-Bonk Cover Only~Asian Elephant (Abigail)

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