Toy Cameras ~ A Picture Perfect Gift For Kids

LEGO 8MP Digital Camera

Having a little camera of their very own can really encourage kids’ creativity. They’ll have a blast learning how to pose things for pictures or what makes for interesting candid pictures. They’ll find all sorts of fun ways to take shots of their toys, the cat, the dog, you.

Having a camera can be educational for them too. They’ll notice things through the lens of their camera that they never noticed before. They’ll find all sorts of plants and bugs and animals that are new to them. They’ll take pictures of these new things and then want to know more about exactly what they are.

And all of the pictures they take will be something of their childhood that they can take into adulthood. There’ll be pictures of pets, their friends, you and themselves that they’ll look at fondly at some point in the future. Having a camera lets a child chronicle their own childhood.

The Lego camera above looks like it’s just a toy, but it’s a real 8 megapixel camera. It doesn’t come apart even though it looks like it would. It’s solid. So there’s no need to worry that your kids will take it apart and not be able to put it back together. But since it does have the little Lego bumps on the top and bottom, your kids can attach other Lego bricks to it. They can build a little Lego hat on top of it or build it into a Lego wall. This camera hold up to 80 pictures. It attaches to your computer via a USB cord so you can help your kids save their pictures after they take them.

Here are a few more views of it:

Digital Camcorder For Kids

Crayola Digital Camcorder

If you think your kids would enjoy shooting their own movies instead of taking still shots, they might like this camera. It’s a digital camcorder made by Crayola. It’s 5.1 megapixels and it has an SD card slot so you can easily take the card out and put it into your computer to save your kids’ movies.


A Few More Cameras For Kids

These cameras are all real, functional cameras. They’re just made brightly colored so they’re more kid friendly. They vary in how many megapixels they are and in how many pictures they hold or if they use an SD card. Click on any one of the pictures to read more about them.

VTech Kidizoom FFP CameraVTech Kidizoom FFP Camera, PinkDisney Princess 2.1mp Digital Camera w/ 3 Face Plates, Pink (82005)VTech – Kidizoom Digital CameraFisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera, PinkFisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera, Blue

Some Other Toys You Might Like:

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  1. Erica Brooks says:

    These are great choices. My son would’ve loved the Lego camera when he was younger. Now, I would buy these as gifts for my friends children.

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